BioMenü Organic Chlorella and Spirulina Alga Capsules 60 pcs

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BioMenü Organic Chlorella and Spirulina Alga Capsules 60 pcs
BioMenü Organic Chlorella and Spirulina Alga Capsules 60 pcs
BioMenü Organic Chlorella and Spirulina Alga Capsules 60 pcs
BioMenü Organic Chlorella and Spirulina Alga Capsules 60 pcs
BioMenü Organic Chlorella and Spirulina Alga Capsules 60 pcs
BioMenü Organic Chlorella and Spirulina Alga Capsules 60 pcs
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Uniquely high nutritional value in a practical capsule!

A combination of the two most popular algae in one capsule, vitamin, mineral and protein complex

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Chlorella and spirulina are unicellular algae that grow in freshwater pools. Algae grow quickly and are easy to harvest. According to historical records, the Spanish conquistadors found it consumed by the Aztecs as a food source. Today, even astronauts on the International Space Station eat it.


Chlorella is a unicellular blue-green algae that grows in subtropical and tropical waters. Chlorella is grown in filtered, natural water under strict control. Chlorella is rich in organic matter. The chlorella cell is protected by a hard wall. This cell wall is broken by grinding. The broken cell wall allows the product's nutrients to be easily bioavailable.


Spirulina is a natural spiral-shaped blue-green algae. Collected from unpolluted lakes, spirulina is a microscopic plant grown in fresh water on an island in the South China Sea. Spirulina algae is a rich source of vitamins, proteins and amino acids.

Organic; Vegan; Natural materials; Not-irradiated; Artificial flavorless; Free-from artificial coloring; BSE/TSE-free; GMO free; No added sugars; Low fat; Poor in saturated fat; Sugar-free; Rich in dietary fiber; Rich in protein

Dosage, recommended use, storage

One dose = 3-6 capsules

1 serving daily, in 2-3 divided doses, before meals, with plenty of fluids (only half a serving in the first week)

Storage: In a well-closed, dry, cool, sun-protected place, out of the reach of children


1:1 mixture of 100% organic chlorella algae (chlorella vulgaris) and 100% organic spirulina algae (spirulina platentis) powder; bulking agent: microcrystalline cellulose; anti-caking agent: mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids, silicon dioxide; capsule shell: hydroxypropyl methylcellulose; Allergens: may contain naturally occurring sulfites

Table of ingredients

 Per Unit
100 g
Energy1429 kJ/341 kcal
Fat1,7 g
- of which saturated fatty acids0,7 g
- of which monounsaturated fatty acid0,3 g
- of which polyunsaturated fatty acid0,6 g
Carbohydrate10,4 g
- of which sugar0,4 g
Fibre10,8 g
Protein64,9 g
Salt0,4 g
Iron67,7 mg

Average values. We regularly review our nutritional information.

  • StorageKeep out of the reach of children.
  • DosageDo not exceed the recommended daily dose!
  • Correct NutritionFood supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.
  • QualityBeing a natural product, the nutritional properties may change depending on environmental conditions and over time.

Important health warnings



Organic Chlorella & Spirulina Capsule may contain naturally occurring sulphites. The list of allergens which are likely to cause adverse reactions in susceptible individuals is provided in Annex II of Regulation (EU) No 1169/2011. Sulphur dioxide and/ or sulphites at concentrations of more than 10mg/kg or 10mg/L (litre) in terms of the total SO2 which are to be calculated for products as proposed ready for consumption or as reconstituted according to the instructions of the manufacturers.


Organic Chlorella and Spirulina capsule is 100% natural and does not contain any additives such as sugars, acids, colorants, preservatives, etc.


Organic Chlorella and Spirulina algae are not subject to genetic modifications. Process controls are in place to ensure no accidental contamination with genetically modified materials, or materials derived thereafter, can occur. We hereby certify that product is not subject to labeling under EU Regulations 1829/2003/EC and 1830/2003/EC on genetically modified food and feed.


Organic Chlorella and Spirulina powder comply with the requirements outlined in Council Regulation (EC) No. 834/2007 (and consecutive amendments). It also complies with Soil Association strict organic farming standards. During the manufacturing process the product and the packaging materials are not exposed to pesticides or pesticide residues. Pesticides are not stored on site, nor used in the manufacturing or warehousing areas.


The product has not been irradiated and complies with the EU regulation 1999/3/EC.


Organic Chlorella and Spirulina algae are produced exclusively from plant source, and does not contain any components from animal origin. It has not been derived from any animal source, and has not come into contact with any components of animal origin.


No residual solvents are used in the manufacturing process.


The strictly controlled production process of Organic Chlorella and Spirulina ensures that the undesirable substances levels (heavy metals, PAH, mycotoxins, etc.) are below the limits identified by EU legislation (Commission regulation No 2073/2005, No 1881/2006 and consecutive amendments), including the recommendations provided by EFSA on food contaminants.


We confirms that we do not conduct or commission animal testing of any products.

The dietary supplement does not replace a mixed diet and a healthy lifestyle. Dietary supplements are not medicines, have no medicinal effect, and are not suitable for the treatment or prevention of diseases. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, sick or taking medication, consult your doctor before using any dietary supplement! Do not exceed the recommended daily consumption amount! Product descriptions come from information provided by the manufacturer of the product or raw material, as well as general information about the product's ingredients, which are typically based on scientific publications, and do not describe the specific properties of the given product. Please take this into account when reading product descriptions, reviews, advertisements and other information!
Food supplement
Best before



Due to the continuous movement of goods, this information is informative, and we do not take responsibility for its accuracy.


In the case of products with different dates, the ones with earlier dates are sold first.

Place of origin
Notification number

Minimal deviation is possible

60 capsules
Daily dose
3-6 capsules
How many daily doses?
10-20 portion/product

X axis

5 cm

Y axis

10 cm

Z axis

5 cm
Net weight

Minimal deviation is possible

37.2 g/box
Weight of secondary unit

Minimal deviation is possible

620 mg capsules
Capsule filling weight

Minimal deviation is possible

510 mg (± 9%)
Capsule total weight

Minimal deviation is possible

620 mg (± 9%)
OGYÉI szám
Várható kiszállítás Magyarországra
Article No.
62 g/box
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