BioMenü Organic Siberian Ginseng Powder 60 g

Against stress and fatigue!

It is a herb used to combat mental and physical fatigue

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Product Description

Against stress and fatigue!

It is a herb used to combat mental and physical fatigue

Possible properties of raw material(s)

  • During regular sports you can support muscle work
  • Can be effective against viral infections, herpes virus
  • The number of immune cells and the killer cells responsible for protecting our body may increase
  • It can improve overall physical endurance and mental concentration
  • Adaptogenic herb
  • It can help reduce stress, combat fatigue, and balance immune functions
  • It can be effective in preventing viral infections
  • It can also be effective against the herpes virus

Claims not scientifically substantiated by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and the European Commission (EC)


A szibériai ginseng – avagy tajgagyökér – fogyasztása serkentőleg hat a központi idegrendszerre, a mellékvesekéreg működésére és az endorfin- és ondótermelődésre. Segíti a szervezet alkalmazkodását a fizikai és lelki stresszel járó állapotokhoz, a hideghez és a sugárzáshoz.

Immunrendszer-erősítő és különösen a nyiroksejtekre valamint az alacsony vércukorszintre van kedvező hatással. Rhinitisszel küzdő betegeknek is ajánlott, mert a belőle készített orrpermet enyhítheti az orrdugulás tüneteit.

Oroszországban stressz elleni és a szervezet alkalmazkodását segítő tulajdonsága miatt alkalmazzák. Nyugat-Európában is hasonló okokból, illetve az alacsony vérnyomással kísért erőtlenség kezelésére javasolják.

One dose = 2-3 g

1 dose per day

Storage: In a well-closed, dry, cool, sun-protected place

  • Medical
    The product may be used without medical indication, but it is not recommended for pregnant women or women taking contraception. Its consumption is prohibited before puberty! Application is not recommended in case of hypertension, obesity, palpitations, mastopathia (disorder of the breast), and for persons suffering from nervousness or insomnia.

Dietary supplements do not replace a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Dietary supplements are not medications. They do not have therapeutic effects and are not suitable for the treatment or prevention of illness. If you are pregnant, ill or take medication, consult with your doctor before using any dietary supplements. If your doctor is not open to the use of dietary supplements, consult with a naturopath specialist. Do not exceed the recommended daily intake!

Dietary supplements are food, thus their labelling (label inscriptions, any symbols, figures, etc. on their labels and packaging) and advertisement must comply with the general regulations applicable to food. Accordingly, the product labelling, design and advertisement may not claim or suggest that dietary supplements are suitable for the prevention or treatment of illness, or that they have such properties. The product specifications provide general information about the product components. This information is typically based on scientific publications and is not a description of the specific properties of the given product. Please bear this in mind when reading product specifications, promotional materials, advertisements, and other information material.

Ingredients Information


100% Organic Siberian Ginseng Eeleutherocus Senticosus) Powder

Ingredients Notice

  • Organic
  • Vegan
  • Natural materials
  • GMO free
  • No added sugars (may contain naturally occurring sugars)
  • Allergen free
  • Low fat
  • Low in sugar
  • Rich in dietary fiber
  • Especially low in sodium/salt

Nutritional Information

 Per Unit (100 g)NRV1 % / 100 gPer Serving (2-3 g)NRV1 % / 2-3 g
Energy845 kJ/202 kcal N/A 
Fat1,94 g
- of which saturated fatty acid1,53 g
Carbohydrate8,7 g
- of which sugar1,47 g
Fibre67,12 g
Protein5,19 g
Salt0,015 g

1 NRV (Nutrient Reference Values): Percentage of Daily Reference Intakes for Adults (8400 kJ/2000 kcal)

We periodically review our nutrition information to account for seasonal variability, growing condition and other factors that cause nutrition result to vary.

Additional Information
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Place of Origin China
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Dimensions: x × y × z (wide × high × deep) 120 × 170 × 20 mm
Packaging sachet
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Brand BioMenü
Content ~ 60 gram ~ 20-30 dose × 2-3 g
Packaging Unit 60 grams
SKU 2214
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