Caleido Fiber Coffee 200 g

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Caleido Fiber Coffee 200 g
Caleido Fiber Coffee 200 g
Caleido Fiber Coffee 200 g
Caleido Fiber Coffee 200 g
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A mild stimulant!

100% arabica instant coffee crowned with the vigor of green coffee and the protection of essential fibers

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Fibersol 2 is a water-soluble dietary fiber with a minimum dry matter content of 90%. Tasteless, crushed white powder that is not affected by heat (so it can also be used for cooking and baking) and is one of the most economical sources of fiber. Increased fiber intake alone has proven health benefits, as well as a positive effect on blood glucose levels, helping to maintain healthy bowel function, effectively reducing the chances of developing various diseases.

It offers a gentle solution primarily for diabetics, those with weight loss problems and indigestion, and its health effects on the gastrointestinal tract, blood sugar and cholesterol have been proven by studies. It is not affected by enzymes that have a prebiotic effect, ie they work in the upper part of the digestive system, but when swollen from the moisture content of the stomach, it causes a feeling of fullness, thus reducing appetite. Thus, its ingredients reach the colon unchanged, on which it has a cleansing effect, can remove toxins, slows the absorption of carbohydrates from the intestine, thereby reducing the rise in blood sugar and lowering cholesterol, providing daily bowel movements and adequate fluid intake (1.5 - 2.5 l/day) together can prevent constipation.

The green coffee bean gets its name from its color, of course, and its shape is similar to its less healthy brown counterpart. In addition to enjoying delicious coffee, it has a fat-burning and antioxidant effect, reduces hunger and makes you energetic all day long without beating your heart. Due to its caffeine content, green coffee refreshes, invigorates and activates it, although the caffeine in it is not the same as that found in black coffee. The different caffeine content of black coffee activates the body only for a short time and suddenly, but the caffeine in green coffee achieves the same effect more slowly and for a longer period of time.

Natural materials; Not-irradiated; Artificial flavorless; Free-from artificial coloring; Preservative-free; BSE/TSE-free; GMO free; No added sugars; Vegan; Fat-free; Free from saturated fat; Low in sugar; Rich in dietary fiber

Dosage, recommended use, storage

One dose = to taste

Put the amount to taste in a cup, add hot water and mix. Season to your liking.

Storage: At room temperature, protected from light and moisture


Fibersol-2 (resistant maltodextrin), a natural, water-soluble fiber; natural, 100% arabica instant coffee; green coffee extract with 50% chlorogenic acid

Table of ingredients

 Per Unit
100 g
Energy893 kJ/213 kcal
Fat0,07 g
- of which saturated fatty acids0,05 g
Carbohydrate76 g
- of which sugar3,84 g
Fibre65,28 g
Protein5,1 g
Salt0,19 g

Average values. We regularly review our nutritional information.

  • QualityBeing a natural product, the nutritional properties may change depending on environmental conditions and over time.

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Place of origin
European Union

Minimal deviation is possible

200 gram
Daily dose
to taste
How many daily doses?
unspecified portion/product

X axis

16 cm

Y axis

24 cm

Z axis

2.5 cm
Net weight

Minimal deviation is possible

200 g/sachet
Várható kiszállítás Magyarországra
Article No.
222 g/sachet
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